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  Pine Ridge opened its door in 1988 with a diverse group of students in Pre-K to sixth grade and was the first school on Stephenson Road. The neighborhood has continuously thrived and the school’s population at one point soared to 1200 students. With the addition of the many students Pine Ridge was able to add a new wing in 2005 to accommodate our growing population.
   The programs at Pine Ridge focus on student achievement and we are actively seeking partners in the community who can assist us with our goal by utilizing hands-on approaches to learning. Parents also continue to be vital to the learning environment. Pine Ridge will continue to raise the bar for academic achievement with:
• Data driven instruction in all core subject areas
•Emphasis on critical thinking and problem-solving
•Foreign language
• Strict conduct code
• Required uniforms daily
• Required daily homework
• Tutorial program
• Agenda planners required for all students in kindergarten through fifth grade
   Pine Ridge’s dedicated teachers work very hard to provide quality instruction for all students’ varied learning styles and needs. They work collaboratively with their grade-level and team cohorts to determine individual instructional needs as well as instill a desire in students to be life-long learners.
   We continue to thrive from the support of our dedicated and generous PTA for academically rich programs, projects and items that supplement and enhance the educational, cultural, and social missions of the school.
Additionally, our School Council provides positive suggestions and guidance and are also instrumental and highly supportive as we all work together to continue the positive direction of the school. All stakeholders of the school continue to work together to maintain and improve upon the high expectations developed at Pine Ridge over the years.
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