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Digital Toolbox for Parents

DCSD Launchpad allows parents and students to access educational resources in one place. All of the resources on the Launchpad are free.

DSCD Launchpad can be accessed through the www.dekalbschoolsga.org/ homepage. Scroll to the bottom of the website and click the Launchpad icon. It is the on the bottom of the web page that looks like a rocket. “Click” the icon. Once a Clever webpage appears with a log in page that reads: Log In with Active Directory, the student can log in.

A student must log in with their student number and password.


Jane Doe is in 2nd grade. Her student number is 923456.

This is how she would log:

Username: S923456@dekalbschoolsga.org

Password: dekalb02

Passwords by Grade-Level

Kindergarten: dekalbkk                 1st grade: dekalb01                          2nd grade: dekalb02

3rd grade: dekalb03                         4th grade: dekalb04                          5th grade: dekalb05

Additional Educational Resources

www.login.i-ready.com/: This resource identifies students’ strengths and weaknesses in reading (Grades KK-5). The lessons assigned adjust to meet your students need(s). The lessons cover the following areas: Phonological Awareness, Phonics, high-Frequency Words, Vocabulary, Comprehension: Literature and Comprehension: Informative Text.  Log in required.

Log In Information

Username: The students’ First Name and Last Name Initials AND lunch number WITHOUT the “9.”

Password: password312

State: Georgia


Jane Doe is in Kindergarten and her student number 9123456.

Username: JD123456

Password: password312

State: Georgia

www.reflexmath.com/: This resource helps students’ master basic facts in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division through games. Log in required.

Log In Information

Click “Log In” in the top right corner and “click Student Log In.”

Type the teachers’ username, click the class, and find your students name from the roster. Each student has a unique password. **Please contact the teacher for your students log in information. Every student has a log in for this resource.

www.usatestprep.com/member-login: This resource provides state-aligned curriculum practice for high-stakes tests for Grades 3-5. All content areas.

Log In Information

Account ID: pineridge34

Username: First Name. Last Name

Password: pineridge


Jane Doe is in 5th Grade at Pine Ridge ES.

Account ID: pineridge34

Username: Jane.Doe

Password: pineridge

https://www.mobymax.com/signin: This resource finds and fixes learning gaps through personalized learning in all content areas. The areas include: Math, Math Facts, Number Sense, Reading Stories, Reading Skills Literature, Reading Skills Informational, Early Reading Trio, Letter Names, Phonics & Spelling Rules, Letter Sounds, Phonics Blending and Phonics Spelling.

Log In Information

Type Pine Ridge Elementary under the School Name and select the school in Stone Mountain OR type ga2733 for the school code.

The students’ username and password is their first name. (It is not case-sensitive.)

**Please contact the teacher to find out if they use this program.


https://connected.mcgraw-hill.com/connected/login.do: This resource engages students and provides rigorous assignments for Common Core Math success.

Log In Information

Username S + pupil number + 4 digit school code

Password S + last 5 digits of pupil number


www.georgiastandards.org: This resource has curriculum maps that contains the standards for all grade levels and subject areas. No log in required.

www.IXL.com: This resource offers interactive questions where students can discover new skills and build confidence to explore more challenging concepts. This is a very interactive program and it provides instant feedback. Highly recommended to prepare for MAP Testing!

www.readingrockets.org: This is a reading resource that helps students read. It offers reading strategies, lessons, and activities designed to help young children learn how read better. No log in required.

www.freekidsbooks.org: This resource provides a growing library of unique children’s books and literacy resources available online and for download in a user friendly format. No log in required. Parents can also download the books to be printed. The books can be printed at Stephenson Middle School in the Parent Center. Please contact Joseph Benford in advance at (404) 808-6831 if you are interested in this free service.

www.gcflearnfree.org: This resource is funded by Goodwill. It is online portal that has tutorials on technology, life skills and education. It is a really good resource for Microsoft program tutorials.

www.ck12.org: This resource grants you with access to free digital textbooks, simulations and practice problems in every subject area. No log in required.

www.khanacademy.org: This free resource provides videos and practice problems for all subject areas. No log in required, but if you do choose to log in it will track student progress and suggest lessons based on the students assessments.

www.desmos.com: This resource can be used as a graphing calculator.

Photomath App: A mobile app where you can take a photo of a math problem with the camera on your phone and receive step-by-step ways to solve the problem. No log in required—just download the app.

Socratic App: This app is similar to Photomath because you can take a photo of the math problem and receive step-by-step instructions on how to solve the problem. This app differs from Photomath because it also provides videos and other websites that can assist in solving the math problem.

Quizlet App: An app for parents to create flashcards on every subject area. The flashcards can be printed or viewed online. As a parent you can customize flashcards for your child or you can be use flashcards created by other users. This is a great resource for memorization! No log in required.

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